Here's an example of a typical 3 day budget: 

(2 connected rooms in a little boy's room)

Here's another 2 day project! 

(I packed a ton into this space!)

How it works

The process and pricing

Every room starts with a basic idea or design! Sometimes it's already made for us... like a bedding pattern or crib set characters. Other times it's a simple concept we need to build, like 'princess' or 'space'. I have broken down the process into a few basic steps:




(1 day sample shown below)

PS: sketches are for layout purposes only! I paint better than I sketch, hehe! 

I price all of my murals by the day. Please contact me for my current rate! Pricing includes the design, consult, paints, supplies... everything start to finish! Once you know my daily rate, pop over to my FaceBook page to see over 250 albums. I list right in the title how many days each project took. Start educating yourself on the difference in scale and detail level between a 1, 2,and 3 day project, etc! 

The size of your room and the detail level you are after will determine budget... or vice versa, if you have a budget in mind, that will dictate the level of detail I can acquire in your project! 

Unsure of budget? Let me help you! One of the first steps is to send me a few pics of your space so that I can help guide you to your perfect balance of budget vs. vision!

Here's an example of a typical 2 day budget room:

Take a look at momma-to-be's reaction when seeing the room for the first time, as well as my video of the entire space!

It's so fun to see my ideas come to life!

Atlanta muralist and decorative painter



Here are a few before and afters!

Here are some of the patterns and inspirations for these rooms!